Thank you for this painful article and for being intellectually honest about the complexity of the subject.

You’re right: many trials occur when someone is accused of something —

these can include, but are not limited to, public opinion, the legal system, family of the accuser, family of the accused: both regarding the veracity of the claim and the criminality of it [as for criminality, consider miscegenation, which might have been considered legally criminal but not criminal to those who supported it.]

#MeToo is right in being about public opinion, and is stronger when the claims are internally consistent, bolstered by supporting witnesses or testimonials, and resound with numerous accusers.

Careers should be destroyed, even if the actions don’t end up in court, especially when they relate to people who our kids and our families look to for moral guidance. That is the PR side of things: entertainment companies, including the government, should not want pitchmen [or women] who have a history of internally-consistent, supporting-witness-bolstered, multiple accuser sexual abuse and harassment claims under their belts, even if the accuser will never see the light of a courtroom for their abuse.

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