Thank you for this piece.

Here is my defense of #NoPlatform.

Having a large amount of Native blood in me (as in my grandfather was raised Native, just not officially in the lineage), I hate faux crap like two wolves.

However, two wolves is critical to #NoPlatform.

At any time, a culture can consume only so much.

Publishing an unexpurgated attack on people by a bully is terrible, but publishing a sanitized version is worse. It expands his audience by taking up a share of cultural consumption which could be owned by other voices, even the voices of the persecuted.

If a bully finds publication by an unethical source [1930’s Houghton Mifflin or today’s Twitter], any other source who wants to serve our culture should only publish critiques which excerpt the piece and offer what is terrible about it — and which in no ways enrich the bully. Today’s world might benefit from not calling attention to the bully so much that it drowns out the stories of how the bully’s actions are harming the vulnerable.

There are two wolves.

We have to choose which one to feed.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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