Thank you for writing this.

As a white cishet male, I came to believe about 2 decades ago that anyone not white cishet male in software was probably there for a very good reason, given the obstacles they had to overcome. I came to look at the white cishet dudes I worked with who would sneer when a woman would lean over and her underwear would show or who would announce that they wish they were working with the hot business analyst, not a guy, were where they were due mostly to privilege and probably took their abilities for granted, not really giving themselves enough self-scrutiny to grow and develop like the people they were actively prejudiced against.

It has become easier for me over time to call out the knuckle-draggers when they do obnoxious and insensitive things.

I regret the stupid obstacles you face: anyone who is either threatened enough or prejudiced enough to be an angel investor who can’t recognize what you are capable of probably shouldn’t be where they are right now based on merit.

After all, it takes talent to be an angel investor, and that is not talented of them.

It takes seeing things as they are to be smart, and that is not smart of them.

Best of luck to you.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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