Thanks for the piece.

It helps me understand as a white man.

The Arbery videos might help put me, a white man, in Arbery’s shoes at the final moments of his life. They might reclaim the narrative from those in power [the Georgia legal system] who would depict this [absent video evidence] in a way which bests protect white supremacy and the power of the police state.

However, I need to listen to the community of color here to recognize the value I derive from it to help promulgate a competing narrative in the white community needs to be balanced against [or rejected in favor of] the feelings of the communities of color most impacted by the video.

Thank you for the reminder.

As for me, when I was a white kid, I lived near a neighborhood in which new houses were being built. My friend, Mark, convinced me it would be cool to go into the houses under construction and poke around. He even stole nails, something I didn’t want him to do and which I did not do myself.

My parents wanted me to think about the people from whom Mark stole.

My parents did not fear a pair of blood-thirsty vigilantes would track me down, corner me with guns, and kill me if I resisted — over poking around in houses under construction and being an unhappy accomplice to nail theft.

Seeing that’s all it took [poking around in a house under construction] for Arbery’s murderers to think they were right in what they did and for the Georgia legal system to let them get away with murder for so long brought my mind back to my youth.

I put myself in his shoes as he encountered the angry rednecks in a pickup truck [a scary symbol to me, a white guy who grew up in the south], and as he tried to escape, and as he was murdered.

However, I’m listening. Thanks for letting me know why people of color do not like these videos.

Thanks for your writing!

Resident of Frogpondia.

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