Thanks for the tortoise addendum Franco didn’t but should have mentioned.

I, for one, am glad Franco sacrifices his life every day to provide the world with g-d’s gift to “art”: himself. I mean: how are we mere mortals to grasp self-indulgent privilege without one of about a million white male people in the history of “art” who want us to know about self-indulgent privilege through their “art”, Franco being one of them. Without him, I just don’t think I’d understand self-indulgent privilege, because I sure didn’t get it from the millions of other white male people who claim their place in the history of culture the way he did before him: shimmying in with just the right amount of hair gel liberally applied to their white, male bodies so they can squirm just about anywhere, including into our movies, our books, etc.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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