Thanks for writing this. I agree we need POC to be a visible and a public part of the conversation, especially folks from Chicago.

As a white guy, I cringe when I hear Trump deflect suggestions we need strong gun laws by pointing to Chicago.

It is the ugliest kind of deflection. On the surface, it can be defended as: “See? Even with gun laws gun violence exists.”

However, that is clearly not the argument he’s making. No serious-minded person would say a city with strict gun laws could prevent the inflow of guns from nearby states with lax gun laws.

He’s performing the bigoted sleight of hand.

The bigoted sleight of hand says: Ignore the gun violence perpetrated by white people and the State [domestically and internationally]! Look at this city which acts as a symbol for a specific group of oppressed people. They do gun violence!

It is a bigoted Wizard of Oz move, and it makes me grit my teeth.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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