They are shutting many of us out.

Why do we as an industry put up with this, and why are we complicit in this?

It is frustrating and sad.

It feels demeaning to me to be asked senseless white-board puzzles which are only a barrier to me getting to do the job I’d do, not representative of the job I’d do.

I have experience and drive.

I believe the very fact that many of us, with decades of experience, are being asked the annoying standard interview questions in itself is a deterrant.

The assumptions behind the questions are personally insulting:

  1. That our decades of experience don’t count.
  2. That the person asking us to redesign Facebook on a white board knows or cares that this does not predict our success as an engineer at his firm.
  3. That people of all experience levels and ages perceive these kind of senseless games as worthwhile things to prepare for on nights and weekends. In my forties, I see nights and weekends as very precious: wasting them on useless books like cracking the coding interview is just that — a waste of time I increasingly see as limited and practically applied to things I care deeply about.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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