This article should be titled, “Survivorship bias: an object lesson, or — making up a myth for why the survivors survived”, not “Self-Made Billionaire: There Are Three Levels Of Reality, And Most People Are Stuck In Level One, But They Have No Idea aka blaming the victims.”

This article is blind to most of the reasons some people succeed and others fail, and it promotes an objective which is unhealthy and impossible. It ignores the privileges, dumb luck, and unprincipled decisions needed to bolster its own narrative.

You want to succeed? This process might help you if you were born lucky, but it won’t do squat for all the hard-working super-intelligent people whom you, like the author, are ignoring.

All it takes is a simpleton — an abject uneducated simpleton — to know why everyone who is smart and hard working cannot be billionaires.

Can the author figure it out?

Resident of Frogpondia.

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