This is a necessary piece.

I’m in favor of people being hired all over the world with no preference for birth country. However, “America doesn’t have the talent we need to fill this position” is often code for “we can get cheap labor by exploiting the relaxed labor laws and practices of other countries.”

A brain is a brain is a brain across the world, and that includes those folks from non-traditional backgrounds or who don’t fit the stereotype of the 20-something bro developer I see hired all the time around Boston.

Companies claim they are hiring like mad — having a hard time finding developers. Why are they only filling the roles with 1–2 demographic types [both male] when I know a lot of developers who don’t look like that, and we all know some of these language skills are not rocket science — easy to pick up quickly for a self-driven learner with some experience.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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