We’re going in circles here. I contend the NRA’s insistence that people get as many guns as they want with big loopholes in background checks fills a symptom [isolation/fear/lack of self-confidence] and makes it worse, leading to addictive behavior regarding guns and gun products.

It is like Facebook, except the harm is directly physical when those symptoms go wrong.

You said: bad analogy.

I explained it to you.

Now you are making a new assertion that guns don’t make people kill.

Ok, different topic, but I’m game:

  1. Guns allow people to kill themselves, themselves and their spouses, random people in spree or mass shootings easier than knives or even cars — both of which are mostly used [ratio of harmful use to lack of harmful use] for practical purposes like paring open an apple or driving to work.
  2. A person who turns from a responsible gun owner to an irresponsible one doesn’t have a safety on his gun to prevent him from doing a lot of harm. Demonstrably, people who do that don’t turn their guns in — as irresponsible defined by the NRA — they kill people.
  3. Most people don’t want the government to come and take guns away, so much as to initiate reasonable gun laws and gun control and registry, just like with driver’s licenses and car titles. The NRA, of course, rejects these.

But this is off topic. The topic is Facebook. Guns were an analogy. Facebook weaponizes loneliness like guns do, but guns do a lot more direct physical harm when they cynically take advantage of the symptoms of our lack of community and our social issues than when Facebook cynically takes advantage of the symptoms of our lack of community and our social issues.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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