What’s wrong with software development? The meta-article

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Hurrah for the winner!

I began writing my series, “What’s wrong with software development?”, for Medium on January 28 of this year.

It has been cathartic to fight back against certain industry practices through a series of hastily-written, casually edited pieces on what I, as a 20 year veteran in search of a job to keep my career relevant, have encountered over 20 years and what could be improved — for humans.

Whereas I’m as excited [and, in turns, afraid] of the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence in all its various forms, including learning to write my own experiments with it, I struggle with how the human customer and human worker are being abused by an industry intent on reducing costs, an industry which lacks self-scrutiny, and an industry which trips on itself in so many ways, I can’t believe it has customers at times.

Best practices and common sense solutions exist, but firm after firm, client after client, I see people inventing their own ways as middle management. I see people making the same mistakes or learning the hard way. We developers use Dr Google, PhD and Coursera and other resources to find our way when we recognize something is not working, but I just don’t see the same level of correction at the middle-manager level and above.

In order to be meta, I wanted to pull back the covers and reveal what is under the hood relating to my story stats.

Here is a screenshot with story links following it:

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, , , , , , ,

So here’s a question for the readers:

Why so much lovin’ for and , and almost none for the rest? I am neither a better writer since then nor a worse one. The quality is just about mediocre across the board, but the content, I feel, might help the industry more in my other pieces.

Any aspiring data scientists out there who want to do regression using some NLP on article success? Just kidding.

Have fun and good weekend to you all!

When I see applause for a piece of mine, I want to write more pieces! Please applaud if you appreciate people writing about topics like this.

Disclaimer: I am a senior software professional with experience as project lead, team lead, and lead engineer in the greater Boston area. I am actively seeking a job while currently fully employed. The world of software development can be an ugly place, and I hope to expose some of the more bewildering and uncomfortable corners in the hopes of improving the industry and the craft. Out of respect for current and former employers, I will keep the names of employers and/or clients scrubbed and anonymized as best as possible in these reports.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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