When I was buying a house, some POC drove through the neighborhood, and the salesman said, in an ugly jeering mockery of the way he perceived they would speak, something I’ll paraphrase as: “you don’t belong here.”

That’s redlining.

It really doesn’t matter if he understands that races were made up by proto fascists to justify white imperialism and colonization — it really doesn’t matter if the salesperson understood what any contemporary should know: that there are people from different ancestries, people with different skin colors, people from different ethnicities, people whose families and ancestors were kept down by skin color [and the belief in races] and who are still kept down.

He judged people by the color of their skin alone.

This is not over. If you believe some conservatives don’t actually believe in race to discredit others, then you are wrong. If you believe conservatives don’t believe people are better are worse based on split second decisions made on the color of their skin, you are wrong. This is now, not years ago when The Bell Curve was written.


If liberals are focusing in on how people with different skin colors are treated — or people from different ethnicities — it is in the pursuit of equality and civil rights, not, like the marchers in Charlottesville, continued persecution of people who are not white.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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