When you voted for a tax cut bill that gets rid of the estate tax for billionaires and their heirs, did you not consider this would contribute to the feudalistic dystopia America has become?

The wealth gap has reached historic level, rivalling or even exceeding the gap preceding the Great Depression. America’s glory days were when there was a successful middle class, and steep high end tax rates for the kind of predatory brackets which do not grow our economy with their hoarded money.

The bill also attacks benefits for the most vulnerable of us, including disabled people, who need government subsidized health care to survive.

It skyrockets the debt to give the hand outs to the heirs of billionaires while damaging the people who need help the most: creating a need for more help for people while making the debt so high that cynical pols in the future can continue to stereotype the poor.

The rich didn’t get that way through a “free market”. Cutting taxes doesn’t make a “free market”. It makes one where predators can predate without the government helping mediate.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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