Where I live: My only choice for an ISP is Comcast. Many people find themselves limited to one to three providers, especially the ones with ties to media [AT&T wants to be with Time Warner, Comcast is with NBC, Verizon has its own properties.

I choose not to use Facebook [disabled account].

I choose not to use Twitter.

I use Google, but I know what I’m in for, and I can switch to one of many other search algorithms if needed. Search has missing content inherent in it just like journalism has editorial bias inherent in it.

ISPs are like the streets. I might live at the intersection of several streets if I am lucky, but that would be, say, 4 streets. Where I live, a cul-de-sac, I have 1.

Content providers are like food trucks: Google, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

You are telling me that living on Comcast St’s cul-de-sac I should be okay with them only running NBC trucks [and not competitors] down my street.

To justify it, you point to the competitor food trucks: Youtube, for example, and you say: hamburgers, pizza, Thai food, Indian,…,you keep rattling off all of the kinds of food I can get there,…but no fatback.

No fatback! Youtube is like Comcast, you say, ignoring the category error you have just made in plain daylight.

But I can easily go to Vimeo to get fatback. Really. That’s how content providers work.

Not if Comcast St, the only st I live on, doesn’t let me. That’s how ISPs work. And that’s why net neutrality is needed.

I don’t mean to be rude, but anyone following this argument — does Bob seem deliberately obtuse?

Anyone ignorant of the category errors and other problems in his arguments seems like they’d have a tough time finding the power button on a laptop, much less writing a syntactically-correct sentence. Since I don’t think Bob is really, really, really dumb, the only other option is that he is trolling here.


Resident of Frogpondia.

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