Why I deleted my Facebook account

Imagine if you were walking down the road and a man wearing an overcoat approached you.

“Hey,” the man said. “Want some of the good stuff?”

Startled but curious, you reply: “Uh, what good stuff?”

“See I’m paying people out of college a whole lot more than you’re making to create this highly addicting Substance, to perfect ways to make the substance even more highly addicting.”

“Not for me.”

“Wait,” the man says, “just listen. The Substance makes you secrete a substance called Content for free. Yes, it takes effort for you to make Content, but you almost can’t help it. My company makes money off of your Content by exaggerating how much attention your Content gets from your friends and family! And you not only don’t get paid, but you sacrifice the rights of the Content to us to sell to others, and you don’t use that time improving your own life or making a profit. You’ll even want to do it during work, so you look bad to your employer!”

“That sounds downright sinister!”

“But I don’t think you get it: everyone is doing it. You’ll be all alone if you don’t do it, and your friends and family will ask you not to quit it even if you do decide to try to stop. You’ll hurt your friends and family if you don’t use my Substance.”

So I quit it.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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