You are writing from a place of privilege.

What about the disabled people who can’t work a stable job to earn more than their expenses?

What about the people who for whatever reason don’t get wonderful jobs which pay good money. Maybe they were principled enough to become journalists or maybe they didn’t aspire more than to be cooks in franchise restaurants. Not everyone wants to be a banker, an engineer, or a doctor, and not everyone should. Furthermore, systemic racism and poverty left over from redlining [plus, families disrupted by a police state and the prison industrial complex] makes it impossible for some to achieve the goal of earning enough to live above reasonable means.

The very systems intended to prevent them from being homeless trap them in a cycle of not earning more: they’d have to earn a whole lot more than public housing amounts in order to escape poverty, since they’d lose their benefits at one level and then earn enough to live the same way at a much higher level — or else go into inescapable debt.

Oh, I am a person of privilege who earns so much that I can tuck away some each month. However, we need to look beyond that privilege to get past the ugly stereotype that people who are poor belong there because of stupid choices.

Otherwise, we sound like:

GOP Rep. Chaffetz: Americans may need to choose between “new iphone… they just love” and investing in health care.


“When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each,” real estate mogul Tim Gurner told the Australian 60 Minutes, according to 9 News Australia.

These comments were tone deaf and ignorant by Chaffetz and Gurner. We don’t want to sound like that.

The same Great Recession which created unprecedented opportunities in the housing market and the stock market [risk assets requiring up-front equity and education to own] destroyed quality jobs which used to provide a living wage for people who didn’t want to become computer programmers.

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