You claim the Supreme Court never makes mistakes, then you say Dredd Scott is “beyond the point”? Wow. The Sophists should have just used that as a refutation of Socrates and he would have been nonplussed.

Read this to learn some gun control history. Ironic, right, that you are requiring for your own rhetorical support an activist decision by the Court, since you seem to think they are infallible and strictly adhere to the original intent and experiential knowledge of the founders [whether written in the Constitution or not].

I’d write this in more plain and simple logical steps for you, but I’m running out of time before doing what I get paid to do.

And, no, given the power of the arms manufacturer [gun manufacturer] lobby in America, I just don’t see the second Amendment being interpreted as written any time soon. Too many NRA members drinking Kool-Aid, watching as kids die, preferring to misread the second amendment because the NRA’s simplistic and pat marketing aimed at the lowest common denominator makes bigots even more afraid of people of color and liberals than the suicides and homicides and mass shootings which result from a lack of good gun control.

Resident of Frogpondia.

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