Yrump only became president because the DNC coronated HRC.

Let me turn it into a question for which a conspiracy theory is just not a good response.

Elizabeth Warren (called derisively by Trump “Pocohantes”) could have won. Why didn’t HRC win against a blowhard like Trump? Yes, there are lots of things candidates need to overcome. Obama overcame a lot. Any Democrat on the ticket who appealed to the working classes and was effective in countering Trump’s crazy “working man” appeal would have won easily. Including Sanders.

Why did HRC lose?

Why couldn’t she own up to wrongdoing earlier in the news cycle relating to her emails?

Why did she think she could get away with obvious malfeasance there in the first place?

Why did she get Donna Brazile to feed her debate answers for the CNN debate?

Why did the DNC do so many obvious things to hobble Sanders’ campaign from the start? Had they not done it, he would have been the nominee.

Why did HRC keep a sexual harasser on staff?

Why did HRC speak out against same-sex marriage rights as Senator in NYC?

Why did the DNC run a candidate who called African-Americans “super predators”?

Why did HRC victim-blame the women assaulted by her husband?

Why did HRC “stand by her man” in the face of repeated infidelity?

How could you expect LGBTQ, people of color, and women to be excited by all this?

HRC was really hawkish, on top of promoting a kind of illegal secrecy as SoS which would have gotten others fired. Why would Progressives get excited about that kind of hawkishness?

HRC appropriated all of Sanders’ best proposals, including the $15 minimum wage, well after he popularized them and they had been vetted. Does the DNC just not see that Progressives follow the news?

Resident of Frogpondia.

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